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Groups & Workshops

We offer a number of CBT groups and workshops throughout the year.

Organized Desk

Manage Your ADHD

Improve focus, organization, and adaptive thinking.

4.5 hr Online Workshop 

TBD - Adult (16+) 

TBD - Youth Group (13-17 yrs)


Dr. Jasmine Irani, RCC

Cost: $300

Open Book on Table

Testing 123

Learn skills to manage anxiety around test and exams.

90 min workshop

TBD - Youth (13-17 yrs) Workshop

TBD - Adult (18+) Workshop


Jenn Ronald, Registered Psychologist

Cost: $110

Mirror and Indoor Plants

Self Growth Workshops

Learn about psychology and self growth, different topics monthly.

1 hour online workshop

Sept 30 - Social Media & Self Image 

Oct 28 - Grief & How to Cope

Nov 25 - Intro to Acceptance & Commitment Therapy


Carolyn Kollet, Doctoral Student 

Masha Rademakers, Masters Student

Cost: No charge

Image by Maksim Shutov

Helping Clients with OCD
Assessment & Treatment

A 5 hr workshop for mental health professionals.

Learn to:

1. Identify OCD 

2. Provide psychoeducation to clients

3. Provide evidence based treatment


Dr. Jennifer Campbell, RPsych

Cost: $250

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