Our Team is Here for You

We are a group of professionals who want you to reach your wellness goals. 
We meet regularly to ensure we are offering the best support we can, using
counselling techniques supported by research and adapting to our client's needs.


Clinical Director and Registered Psychologist
Assessment for Youth & Young Adults (12-30 yrs)
Counselling for Youth & Young Adults (12-30 yrs)

Image by Levi XU

Registered Psychologist
Diagnostic Assessment for Adults
Counselling for Adults


Canadian Certified Counsellor
Assessment for Youth (16+) & Adults
Counselling for Youth (16+) & Adults


Registered Clinical Counsellor
Counselling for Youth (13+) & Adults

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Registered Clinical Counsellor
Counselling for Children (6+), Youth & Adults
Family Counselling


Registered Clinical Counsellor
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Counselling forr Youth (10+) & Adults
Vocational Assessments for Youth (16+) & Adults


Doctoral Practicum Student
Counselling for Youth (12+) and Adults

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Doctoral Practicum Student 

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Assessment for Youth (16+) & Young Adults

Counselling for Youth (16+) & Young Adults