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Jessica Presutto, BSc (Hons)
Senior Doctoral Student

Hi! My name is Jessica, and I am a Senior Doctoral Student completing my 

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (PsyD) at Adler University. I offer 

psychological assessments for children, youth, and adults.


Psychological assessments can be an essential first step in your mental health journey. Whether you are experiencing difficulties at work, school, or in your homelife, a psychological assessment can be a valuable tool in getting to the root of your struggles. Every person has a unique set of abilities and skills – an assessment allows for the creation of a personalized action plan that plays to your strengths while supporting your areas of difficulty

so that you can live to your fullest potential. 


Wondering what to expect? 

Assessments are tailored based on an individual’s unique needs and specific areas of concern. All assessments begin with a clinical interview to get a better understanding of

your history, symptoms, and areas of difficulty. A variety of validated and evidence-based

assessment tools are then used and may include questionnaires, surveys,

measures of cognitive ability (e.g., memory, attention) and/ or measures of educational functioning. After the assessment is completed, a feedback session

is scheduled to review your results and provide suggested recommendations. 



Psychoeducational Assessments 

ADHD Assessments 

Psychodiagnostic Assessments 



St. Paul’s Hospital 

La Salle College 

Avalon Recovery Society 

Back In Motion Health

RTW Integrated Health Management 



Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Adler University (current student)
Honors Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto 


*Jessica has completed all doctoral coursework and training and is in the final stages of completing her doctoral degree requirements. She will be working under the

supervision of Dr. Jennifer Campbell, RPsych. 

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