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Psychological Assessments

Our assessments are conducted by Registered Psychologists, Post-Doctoral Clinicians, and Doctoral Students. We offer assessments for children (7+), youth, and adults.

To fully understand a client’s struggles, we may gather information from the client, parents, teachers, and loved ones. We utilize standardized questionnaires and psychological testing to evaluate cognitive abilities and academic skills, and screen for attentional, behavioural, and social-emotional challenges. 

At the feedback session, we review the assessment findings. We highlight strengths and areas for improvement, and explain any diagnoses. We also offer recommendations for home and school, to help clients grow and achieve their potential.

Psycho-Educational Assessment

The purpose of a psycho-educational assessment is to understand academic difficulties and strengths, and provide recommendations to support a client to reach their full potential. We are experienced in the assessment of learning disabilities, ADHD, mood, and the impact of developmental challenges like speech and language, fine motor, and intellectual delays. We also assess clients described as Twice-Exceptional, with exceptional abilities in some areas and challenges in others.

ADHD Assessment


The purpose of an ADHD assessment is to help understand difficulties with maintaining attention, emotion regulation, impulsivity, and organizational skills. Living with undiagnosed ADHD may lead a client to misunderstand their abilities and hinder them from growing to their fullest potential. Knowing if challenges are explained by ADHD can inform interventions and supports that improve academic, social, and emotional functioning, as well as ease transitions from home to school/work.

Psycho-Diagnostic Assessment

The purpose of a psycho-diagnostic assessment is to identify or clarify any mental health diagnosis, to guide treatment planning, and/or to assist in accommodations in occupational or academic settings. We are experienced in the assessment of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, trauma related disorders, and personality disorders. We also offer differential diagnosis to differentiate between multiple diagnoses to determine the correct one and make an appropriate treatment plan.

Please note: We do not offer Autism or Neuro-Psychological assessments at this time.

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