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Everyone deserves access to mental health support. Please call to enquire about reduced cost and no cost counselling. Master's and Doctoral students offer reduced cost counselling ($50/$75) and have a number of spots at no costCounsellors also offer a limited number of reduced cost ($80) counselling sessions. We strive to ensure counselling is accessible to all clients regardless of income or financial security.

Registered Psychologist

Individual Counselling Session (50 mins) $235 - $250

Clinical Supervision/Consultation (50 mins) $200

Post-Doctoral Clinician - Completed doctoral training, pursuing registration as a psychologist in BC, supervised by a Registered Psychologist

Counselling Session $185

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Individual Counselling Session (50 Mins) $140-150 + GST

Family Counselling Session (75 mins) $195 + GST

Senior Doctoral Student         Counselling Session $135

Doctoral Practicum Student Counselling Session $75 

Master's Practicum Student  Counselling Session $50

If finances are a barrier, please call our intake Coordinator to discuss no cost sessions with students.

Letter writing & other requested paper work.

The fee is based on the clinician's hourly rate.


Psycho-Educational Assessment  $2800  Post-Doctoral Clinician/Doctoral Student

                                                               $3290 Registered Psychologist

Psych0-Diagnostic Assessment    $1000 (no report) $1600 (with report) Post-Doctoral Clinician/Doctoral Student

                                                               $1175 (no  report) $1880 (with report) Registered Psychologist

Adult ADHD Assessment                  $1000 (no report) $1600 (with report) Post-Doctoral Clinician/Doctoral Student

                                                               $1175 (no  report) $1880 (with report) Registered Psychologist

Child ADHD Assessment                 $1600  Post-Doctoral Clinician/Doctoral Student

                                                               $1880  Registered Psychologist

Reduced Cost Assessments           If finances are a barrier, please contact our Intake Coordinator to discuss reduced rates.

Cost of assessment may vary based on complexity and needs. 

Written reports are usually required when seeking to request academic accommodations.


If you have extended health benefits, please contact your provider to ask if they cover counselling sessions with a:

  • Registered Psychologist (RPsych)

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

  • Post-Doctoral Clinician (pursuing registration as a psychologist) supervised by a Registered Psychologist

  • Practicum Student "directly" supervised by a Registered Psychologist


We seek to offer anti-oppressive practice, acknowledging the impacts of racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ageism, and class oppression and honouring your experience. 

Washrooms are non-gendered and single use.

Please note that the building does not have an elevator, there are stairs to the second floor.

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