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Image by Natalie Grainger

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

Provided by Dr. Jennifer Campbell, R Psych

CACBT-ACTCC Certified in CBT

Do you work with youth or young adults experiencing anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, self harm, risky behaviours, and/or family conflict? Would you like to build your competence and confidence in CBT, utilizing it in a way that is engaging and effective? Do you need support managing ethical dilemmas or risk assessments? Perhaps you want to build expertise in treating a specific issue such as Agoraphobia, Body Dysmorphia, or OCD? Or are you interested in supervision as an avenue to work towards certification in CBT?Jennifer will help you build your understanding of CBT theory, CBT process, and CBT skills. It is not just following a manual! Learn to skillfully engage clients in changing their lives, With decades of experience working in government systems, Indigenous communities, universities, and private practice, Jennifer has a wealth of knowledge to share,  She enjoys working with counsellors to build their confidence and competence in therapy.  Questions? Email ​ ​

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