Jessica Presutto, BSc (Hons)
Doctoral Practicum Student

Everyone Deserves Access to Mental Health Support

To increase access to counselling for clients without extended health benefits, doctoral practicum students offer low cost counselling at $75 per session and accept a limited number

of clients at no cost. Please call to inquire.


I am a Doctoral student completing my degree in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. I pursued

a career in psychology because I believe every story deserves to be heard and every

individual deserves the right to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Throughout my training, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings with individuals across the lifespan. I supported children in foster care to build resiliency while navigating difficult life changes. I mentored young adults in university struggling with anxiety, depression, academic difficulties, and life stressors. I acquired training in the neuropsychological assessment of adults with traumatic brain injuries, as well as the psychological assessment of individuals with ADHD, learning disorders, anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain to support them in re-entering the workforce. Currently, I am acquiring expertise in the practice of mindful self-compassion to help clients approach their difficulties with kindness and foster emotional well-being.

I enjoy working with youth (12+)young adults, and adults. I work from an integrated approach

and draw from many evidence-based treatments including:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy

Mindfulness Techniques

 I aim to collaborate with each unique client to help them find the approach that works best. No struggle is too big or too small to tackle together and I strive to create a warm and non-judgemental space where your voice can be heard. Together, we will explore your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and values

to help you achieve improved health and well-being.