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Everyone Deserves Access to Mental Health Support
To increase access to counselling for clients without extended health benefits, master's practicum students offer reduced cost counselling at $50 per session and accept a limited number of clients at no cost. Our doctoral students in training also offer reduced cost assessments, please call to enquire.  


Melissa Kaye, BA, BEd
Master's Practicum Student

As a current Master's in Counselling student at City University, I am dedicated to providing compassionate and practical support to youth (7+), adults, and families facing life's challenges.

With a focus on anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning disorders, relationship conflict, and LGBTQ2S+-related challenges, my goal-oriented approach is designed to empower you to overcome obstacles.

By partnering closely with my supervisor and applying evidenced based treatment, I aim to foster resilience and enhance overall well-being. With almost twenty years of experience in education, I bring a unique perspective to counselling. I have knowledge and experience supporting families with children with learning differences.

Outside of my counselling work, I'm fully immersed in the joys of motherhood, sharing our lively home with our beloved dogs, chickens, and stick bugs. My family and I thrive on adventure, whether tackling the rugged trails of the North Shore mountains, hitting the slopes for some skiing, or simply soaking up nature through scenic hikes. To find balance amidst life's hustle, we embrace activities like yoga and lose ourselves in the pages of a good book.

Whether you prefer in-person or online sessions, I offer a safe and supportive environment to explore your concerns and work toward positive change.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of growth and resilience, I am here to support you every step of the way. 

Starting September 2024- click the "Book Now" link below to join my waitlist.

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