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Everyone Deserves Access to Mental Health Support
To increase access to counselling for clients without extended health benefits, doctoral practicum students offer reduced cost counselling at $75 per session and accept a limited number of clients at no cost. Our doctoral students in training also offer reduced cost assessments, please call to enquire. 


David Jennings, RCC
Doctoral Student

David Jennings (he/him) is a doctoral student training in assessment at the North Shore CBT Centre. He is currently completing his PsyD (Doctorate of Psychology) in Clinical Psychology at Adler University. He completed his bilingual BA in Psychology from the University of Alberta and his MC in Counselling Psychology from the University of Calgary. 


David has received training in personality, intellectual, and integrative assessments. He has experience conducting psycho-diagnostic assessments, particularly with adults who have received a psychological injury in their workplace. David also has experience interpreting psycho-vocational assessment test results, and conceptualizing assessment data to provide a comprehensive report that will effectively communicate to many audiences. David is passionate about providing assessments to support clients in identifying their strengths and areas for growth, in order to help clients achieve their best.


David strives to create a safe space for clients of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, cultures, and abilities during an assessment session. David invites compassion, warmth, non-judgment and, when appropriate, humor into his sessions to help make his clients feel comfortable.


David will be training under the direct supervision of Dr. Jennifer Campbell, RPsych

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