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Dr. Vanessa Hazell,
Registered Psychologist #2600

I earned a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology and am a Registered Psychologist in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario. I work primarily with adult clients (19+) and use evidence-based treatment methods to help clients address a variety of mental health and wellness concerns, such as low mood, depression, stress, anxiety, and obsessions and compulsions (OCD).

I work fully online offering video or phone sessions.

My main therapeutic approaches include:

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Exposure and Response Prevention

Solution-Focused Therapy

Person-Centered Therapy

However, I believe that therapy is an individualized process, and as such will tailor therapy to best suit your needs. I consider therapy to be a collaborative process in which you and I will work together to develop strategies to address your current life difficulties. I believe that the journey of self-discovery is a lifelong one and seek to provide you with the skills you need to tackle the challenges that life throws your way. I will also work to empower you to actively identify, challenge, and replace thoughts and behaviours which are not in line with your life goals and values, while helping you strengthen adaptive thoughts and increase the frequency of behaviours that match your goals and values. I believe that combining this approach with your inner wisdom, resources, and resiliencies will provide you with the knowledge, resources, and skills you need to better manage not only your current life difficulties, but also future life difficulties. 

My work is actively informed by a social justice approach, and as such I am passionate about supporting clients from diverse backgrounds, of all kinds. I have a particular interest in working with ethnically diverse clientele and the unique challenges that these individuals face. (However, note that I only provide services in English).


Doctor of Psychology Degree in Clinical Psychology, Adler University        

Master of Arts Degree in Counselling Psychology, Yorkville University 

​ Master of Arts Degree in Applied Social Psychology, University of Guelph


College of Psychologists of BC

College of Alberta Psychologists

College of Psychologists of Ontario

Dr. Vanessa Hazell: About Me
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